FITNESS @ Jupiter health planet

• Your supervision will be in the capable hands of our graduates in physiotherapy and physical education.

• The first two training sessions will always be by appointment.

• We will establish your current health profile (height, weight, body fat, ...) during your initial visit.
We will also establish your heart rate zones with a fitness test.

• All tests will be discussed with you afterwards, based on questions about any possible medical issues, your objectives and your time commitment, ...

• The second appointment will be spent on developing your personal programme together with our trainers. We will naturally take your own personal wishes, your health profile and your current fitness level into consideration!

• We will regularly arrange for new appointments to check on your progress and, if so required, to adjust your training schedule. You can always contact one of the supervisors if you have any questions or problems regarding your training schedule. This is all included in the price of your membership.

• You also have the option of requesting a personal trainer if you want to work towards a specific goal in the short or medium term, for which you will need intensive assistance. This will, of course, be subject to an additional cost.

• We have the very latest specific equipment in place which we can use to measure, for example, your jumping ability, start speed and explosiveness ... allowing us to effectively evaluate your progress.

New: iFit Live treadmills with large screen

This system will allow you to work on focussed training for a marathon, or perhaps to complete your own favourite route on the other side of the world. Mark your route on Google Maps and watch how the treadmill’s incline adjusts in line with the terrain. Meanwhile, the images of the entered route will be projected onto a screen via satellite. Jupiter Health Planet is currently the only centre in the world which does so on a large screen. You can also download a route someone else has thought of: you can find an entire community of sports enthusiasts on iFit Live who design routes, provide excellent tips and even enter into competitions with each other. You can set the device to maximum fat burning, endurance, etc.



The official Tour de France Training Bikes will make you feel you are actually outside. Plan your route literally anywhere in the world and the Google Maps iFit Live technology will automatically download the map to your console and project it onto a large screen (this is also unique in the world!). What you’re looking at is exactly what you’ll be feeling: hills and mountains, plains and descents! This bicycle will automatically adjust in line with the entered route: the climbing of the Col du Galibier, the Mont Ventoux, the Geraardsbergen wall,…. now you can attempt them all at Jupiter at any time! You could even organise a competition with a friend abroad, at different times if necessary!

New & unique! Tour de France Training Bikes with large screen



Also new: Tomahawk Spinning Bicycles

Jupiter has the very latest spinning bicycles, which have been equipped with a watt and heart rate monitor and whereby your training zone is displayed as a colour. You can adjust everything in line with your own needs with the free app. The training route will be projected onto a large screen, making sure you can experience a realistic outdoor feeling. We also offer spinning for beginners!

Vibration training on the vibrating platform: effective for every muscle in your body

Vibration training is a sensational development in both the sports and medical world and you will be training together with a Body Coach: a fully-fledged, professional training device based on mechanical vibrations.

The Body Coach is equipped with a vibrating platform which vibrates mechanically at a specific speed, i.e.
30 to 50 hertz. This generates a stretch reflex in the muscles and the training effect is subsequently significantly greater when compared to a conventional workout.

The various different postures used with the Body Coach will allow you to work on virtually every muscle in your body.

Vibration training has been around for 20 years and was first used for astronauts. They could quickly regain their strength after a long stay in space through these vibrations. Body Coach training can be used for toning and figure corrections, strength training and stretching, as well as for rehabilitation or injury prevention, or even to treat cellulitis, osteoporosis, back complaints, etc.

Vibration training is also very varied and suitable for any physical condition and will take up very little time. The Body Coach will allow you to effortlessly reduce an all-round training session of more than an hour down to just 20 minutes.


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