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The next stage of successful
agility training
ivo TRAINER allows for effective training of speed and agility using a flexibly adjustable resistance system. Ideal for sports where dynamics are essential - but is also great for therapy and prevention.infinitely variable pulling resistanceconstant resistanceeasy operationmulti-dimensional movements thanks to swiveling suspension (180°)cable extends to a working length of 22mtraining vest with a shoulder strap system for optimal sprint training360° belt allows for jumps and turns around your own axispatent-pending braking systemmobile use indoors and outdoors Professional training that pays off in a competitionEach sport is characterized by very specific requirements. However, the most essential elements are usually speed and agility, as well as bounce and dynamics.Working with the ivo TRAINER allows you to strengthen these factors in a targeted way - so that the team that you train takes those decisive steps faster.ivo TRAINER is also the ideal partner for individual training in athletics. Designed for performance sports,
optimized for therapy
The greatest possible freedom of movement is guaranteed for trainees - especially when used for therapy. The 360 ° belt system allows for all movements to be performed without any restriction. Thanks to its continuous resistance adjustment, the ivo TRAINER can also be used for practicing fall prevention.