Class Level: Intermediate


is partly comparable to Indoor Cycling Live, (also known as “spinning”) only here the lessons are pre-programmed, and the intensity and the different training zones are shown by colour. Thanks to this colour indication, we guarantee progression according to your personal condition, even if this condition is currently weak, good or excellent! This class can […]


(Also known as Qi Gong) is a part of the centuries-old Chinese teachings, which one learns to maintain and improve physical and mental health. Usually, these exercises are performed according to a specific pattern, but they can also be static, in which a standing or sitting position is held for a long time. Furthermore, emphasis […]


Kinesephilia is the first non-profit organisation to offer professional guidance for Parkinson’s patients with the aim of promoting and evaluating dancing as a complementary therapy. These classes take place on Thursdays from 14:00 to 15:00 at Jupiter Health Planet, Doggeweg 87 in Zaventem. This class does not belong to the Jupiter-membership. For more information, please […]


or also known by many as “Spinning”, is a workout where you cycle to the rhythm of powerful music. Together with your inspiring coach, take on the terrain and be guided through hills, across plains, over mountain peaks, through time trials and interval training. These lessons are given by qualified teachers and each lesson has […]


During this workout, mainly martial techniques are taught in a pleasant atmosphere. Different disciplines from Muay Thai en boxing, completed with physical condition and power will garanty you progress. This class is for beginners and advanced. Reservation for this lesson is not necessary, always 1 free trial lesson.


This session is a dynamic Yoga flow in which we string together different Yoga postures in a flowing movement. With great attention to the energy flowing through your body, correct breathing. This Yoga session will challenge all your muscle groups and will give your body and mind great satisfaction. Reservation for this lesson is not […]