Class Level: Advance


Experience the power of slowing down and stillness through conscious movement, breathing, meditation and yin yoga. We bring our attention inward, feel what is there, calm the mind, nourish the soul and refresh internal energy. This class gives you a chance to unwind and recharge your energy. What to expect? * Slow flow yoga * […]


In Yogalates we integrate Pilates exercises into a balanced Vinyasa yoga flow. We focus on balance, with attention to core-stability, strength, endurance, flexibility and aligned yoga postures. After these yoga classes you can start your Sunday with a feeling of balance and an extra portion of inner strength. Reservation for this class is not necessary, […]


Relax & Stretch Yoga is the perfect relaxation after a busy day. In this evening series, we let go of the tensions we have accumulated during the day. A series of well-chosen yoga postures will intensely relax your body and mind and give them new energy. Reservation for this lesson is not necessary, always 1 […]


Start your day with a wonderful energy boost! In this yoga session, we flow from one yoga posture to another in an energetic and balanced way. With a lot of attention for our breathing and always a mindful moment to close. Everything you need to start your day with a smile. Reservation for this lesson […]


Is it a workout or a party? Both! Grab your dancing shoes and join Eloïse on the floor for a dynamic, sweaty and exciting workout. Get ready to groove to many different genres of music from around the world while burning hundreds of calories. Low impact options always apply, so everyone is welcome! This class […]


is a popular belly – legs – buttocks workout aimed at muscle strengthening. This class is adapted to every level, from beginners to advanced. Reservation for this lesson is not necessary, always 1 free trial lesson.


is a form of body exercise with control from your abdominal and pelvic areas that strengthens your whole body. Control and correct execution are central: breathing and awareness to work the right muscles are the basis of every exercise. The result is longer muscles and more supple joints as well as a stronger, more balanced […]


Filipino Boxing is a Filipino martial art that has existed for many centuries, and unlike many other styles, has been shaped by the reality of battle. This class does not belong to the Jupiter-membership. For more information contact Hicham 0485395941 or mail:  


Flexibility & Stability is a half-hour workout focusing on flexibility, breathing and injury prevention combined with stability. Reservation for this lesson is not necessary, always 1 free trial lesson.


The two main sources of Tai Chi Chuan are the wushu fighting techniques on the one hand and the Taoist meditation, health exercises (qi-gong) and vision of life on the other. Both are fused in tai chi. So the three main perspectives of Tai Chi are self-defence, health and meditation. This lesson is not included […]