Class Level: Advance


Chinese Yoga is a combination of Pilates, Qigong, Tai Chi and Yoga. The emphasis is on prevention, on a strong and supple body as well as good health where Chi, or life energy continues to flow undisturbed. Chinese Yoga is a class where Pilates is the foundation, but where it is approached from an Eastern […]


  or also known by many as “Spinning”, is a workout where you cycle to the rhythm of powerful music. Together with your inspiring coach, take on the terrain and be guided through hills, across plains, over mountain peaks, through time trials and interval training. These lessons are given by qualified teachers and each lesson […]


During this workout, mainly martial techniques are taught in a pleasant atmosphere. Different disciplines from Muay Thai en boxing, completed with physical condition and power will garanty you progress. This class is for beginners and advanced. Reservation for this lesson is not necessary, always 1 free trial lesson.