If you wish to start with fitness, it is best to make an appointment. The first two training sessions take place under the guidance of a coach, who makes a training program for you in function of your objectives, clearly shows and explains the proposed exercises to you and ensures that you perform the exercises correctly.
We always start with a “Body Health Check” where we measure your fat percentage, muscle mass, water percentage, etc…. Your coach provides an average of about 75 minutes per coaching session. You do not have to pay extra for this.
As you make progress in your training, your personal coach will, in consultation with you, adjust your training program and provide a guided training again. You do not have to pay extra for this either.


Do you compete as a top athlete or as an amateur athlete and do you have ambition? Thanks to our professional guidance, we guarantee you individual progression!
We prepare you as much as possible for the start of the competition season: football, athletics, cycling, basketball, volleyball, combat sports, … Also during the competition we make anadjusted training schedule in function of your personal goals with due attention to injury prevention!
The ‘personal development plan’ (PDP) consists of four phases : analysis, planning, realization and evaluation. We analyze several parameters and draw up a training plan: fat percentage, jump power, explosiveness, speed, power, anaerobic heart rate, anaerobic speed, VO2max, maximum power, power endurance, ground contact time, hovering time, speed power, etc…. We can show you your progress through measurements, which is always more motivating!


iFit Live large screen treadmills

With this system you can train specifically for a marathon or run your own favorite route on the other side of the world. Plot your route on Google Maps and watch the incline of the treadmill adjust to the terrain. In the meantime, the images of the entered route are projected on a large screen via satellite. Jupiter Health Planet is currently the only center in the world where this happens on a big screen. You can also download a route that someone else came up with: on iFit Live, you’ll find a whole community of exercisers who design routes, give tips and even compete with each other. You can set this device for maximum fat burning, endurance, etc.

Tour de France Training Bikes with large screen

With the official Tour de France Training bikes you have the feeling that you are outside. Plan your route anywhere in the world, Google Maps iFit Live technology will automatically download the map to your console and project it onto a big screen (this is also unique in the world!). What you see is exactly what you feel: hills and mountains, plains and falls! This bike automatically adapts to the entered route: the climb of the Col du Galibier, the Mont Ventoux, the wall of Geraardsbergen,…. from now on it can be done at any time with Jupiter! You can even compete against a friend abroad, and even at different times!

Vibration training on the vibration plate: effective for every muscle in your body.


With vibration training you train with a Body Coach: a professional training device that is equipped with a vibration plate that vibrates mechanically. This induces a stretch reflex in the muscle and the training effect is noticeably greater than with a classic training.
With the Body Coach you train almost every muscle in your body through different postures.
Body Coach training can be used for strengthening and figure correction, strength training and stretching, as well as for rehabilitation or prevention of injuries, or also for treatment of cellulite, osteoporosis, back complaints, etc.
Vibration training is varied, accessible to every physical condition and, above all, takes little time. With the Body Coach you can effortlessly reduce an all-round training of more than an hour to 20 minutes.


Successful agility training at a high level

With ivo TRAINER you can train speed and maneuverability effectively, thanks to an easily adjustable resistance training system. Ideal for sports where the dynamic aspect is essential. Also ideal for therapy and prevention!

– endlessly adjustable pull resistance
– constant resistance
– easy operation
– multidimensional movements thanks to the rotatable suspension (180 °)
– cable with a length of up to 22m
– training vest with shoulder strap system for optimal sprint training
360 ° strap allows for jumping and spinning on your axis
– patent pending braking system

Better performances at competition level

Each sport has its own specific requirements. The essential elements are usually speed and maneuverability, in addition to resilience and dynamism. With the ivo TRAINER you can strengthen these elements in a targeted manner – so that your team reacts faster at decisive moments. ivo TRAINER is also the ideal partner for individual athletic training.

Designed for performance sports and therapy

This trainer guarantees optimal freedom of movement for the athletes – especially with therapeutic use. The 360 ° strap system allows all movements to be performed without any restrictions. Thanks to the continuous adjustment of the resistance, the ivo TRAINER is also suitable for practicing fall prevention.