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Young woman relaxing in sauna

Relax and enjoy IN THE SAUNA

Our ladies’ dressing room and men’s dressing room are equipped with a sauna. After an intensive workout or after a busy day, this is the ideal way to relax, rest and enjoy. We respect general hygiene and ask to strictly follow our sauna rules when using the sauna.


After the sauna, take the time to cool down under a cold shower. Proper cooling not only gives a refreshing feeling but it also stimulates the functioning of your blood circulation and nervous system. Dead skin cells can be removed, leaving your skin more elastic, stronger and looking soft and radiant again.


We have 4 infrared emitters in Jupiter. Infrared gradually warms up our muscles, increasing the elasticity of the muscles and reducing tension. This tension is (especially in many rheumatic diseases) the cause of pain. Especially for those who suffer from small cracks in the muscles and joints due to overload, this can speed up the healing process considerably. Infrared also gives very good results with back pain, CFS, fibromyalgia, bursitis (Bursitis), osteoarthritis, Bechterew’s disease, stress, etc …


Halotherapy, (or salt therapy) is effective for respiratory and skin diseases. Every sauna area in Jupiter is equipped with Hymalaya salt and a salt evaporator. Hymalaya salt contains all kinds of essential minerals. The vapors release them into the room. Salt therapies relieve all kinds of complaints in our body, from respiratory tract to muscles, from allergies to rheumatic diseases. But salt therapy is also relaxing and relieves many complaints of bronchitis, asthma, stress and COPD. Salt therapy is also very good for the skin. With skin disorders, the itching will disappear and the skin will recover quickly. Your immune system gets a “natural boost”, you get more air and therefore more energy!

Himalayan salt


Andullation was developed in close collaboration with scientists, university clinics and doctors and is part of the biophysical therapies. It has been used by professionals for more than 10 years
as home users for pain relief, lymphatic drainage, osteoarthritis, neck and back pain, sports recovery and relaxation. Andullation combines mechanical vibrations and infrared heat and stimulates the essential basic organisms of the human body.