september 18, 2023 - september 24, 2023



september 18, 2023 - september 24, 2023

BBB is is a bums, tums and legs workout, specifically focussed on muscle strengthening training, which can provide fantastic results in a relatively short period of time. The dynamics of the specific muscle strengthening exercise will increase muscle development and fat burning, allowing the body to achieve a more powerful, leaner and better balance.

Beach Body takes 30 minutes and is very intensive! (an average of 600 calories in 30 minutes). The Prepare Phase exercises include some excellent warm ups and dynamic activation is a central focus point.

The supersets are new to this training. The combination of two different exercises will make sure you:
• activate more muscle groups
• burn more calories
• achieve the required results faster.

The Beach Body challenge will push you to your very limits.

Bodyshape provides a tighter and better shaped body through muscle-strengthening exercises in combination with cardio (burning calories). A popular and effective training for belly, butt, legs and upper body on fun and motivating music.

Body Power is is the original barbell class with muscle strengthening exercises for your entire body. Several groups of muscles are tackled during this 60 minute workout, with a selection of techniques from the gym, including squats, presses, lifts and curls. Fantastic music, fully qualified instructors and your own choice of weights will realise the results you are aiming for … and fast!

Cardio Blast prepares participants for a wide range of sport disciplines. This form of training offers limitless variations of exercises for improving strength, power, speed, precision, balance, endurance and resistance.

Hatha-yoga is is a physical yoga variant which mainly consists of practicing specific body postures (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama).
The West has adopted hatha-yoga as a very popular way of slowing down or reducing stress. The techniques are also thought to have a positive effect on the nervous system, glands and other important organs and often results in a general relaxation of the body.
The aim of hatha-yoga in the West is therefore often to promote health and wellbeing and often results in an improved flexibility and balance.

Vinyasa Yoga is a fluid dynamic style of yoga, also known as flow yoga, where the poses slowly and smoothly merge into each other. The literal meaning of Vinyasa is ‘breath-synchronised movement’. Each lesson consists of a creative flow of yoga poses to strengthen body and mind. It’s also suitable for beginner athletes.

Indoor Cycling Live is a workout during which you cycle to powerful music. Tackle the challenging terrain together with your inspiring coach and allow yourself to be guided by hills, across plains, over mountain tops, through trials and interval training. These lessons, which are all given a theme and a concrete objective, are provided by qualified instructors. Discover your inner athlete – realise the maximum amount of endorphins by sweating and burning calories.

Indoor Cycling Virtual is is partly comparable to Indoor Cycling Live, apart from that these lessons are pre-programmed and the intensity and various different training zones are displayed as a colour. These colour indications will guarantee your progress in accordance with your personal fitness level, irrespective of whether this level is currently poor, good or excellent!

You will learn several martial techniques during the Martial Defence Control lessons in a good atmosphere, with the main emphasis being on general self-control, technique, coordination, orientation, development, … perfect for both beginners and advanced! (No specific clothing required)

PILATES is a form of exercise which teaches you to control your stomach and pelvic area, which can subsequently strengthen your entire body. Control and a correct execution are central focus points here: breathing and an awareness of allowing the right muscles to do the work are at the foundation of each exercise. The direct results are longer muscles, more flexible joints, as well as a stronger, better balanced body.

Children will learn some great steps, dance moves and coordination to the rhythm of the music in a very healthy and positive atmosphere! Jupiter is offering a 50% discount to all children in order to encourage children to take part!

During this workout, we’ll teach you martial arts in a pleasant atmosphere. We combine different disciplines in this Cardio fitness, such as Muay Thai and boxing. Start2kick is suitable for ladies and gents from beginners to advanced!

Zumba-Salsa is a fitness programme based on the Latin rhythms of cumbia, salsa, merengue and samba music. Traditional fitness steps have been adjusted in line with the faster pulse!!!